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Before or after the hunt we offer a variety of exciting shooting activities.

If you’ve recently purchased a new firearm, test it out at one of our ranges. Our shooting range facilities are the best place to practice handling your gun and improve your marksmanship.

You can never be too familiar with your firearm.


Long Distance Rifle Range

Test your aim two miles away from your target. That’s right. Our long-distance rifle range features abandoned vehicle targets at the following distances.

  • 1 mile
  • 1.25 miles
  • 1.5 miles
  • 1.75 miles
  • 2 miles–steel plate target

Familiarize yourself with your new gun. Sight in your rifle. Test your scope. Bring your own ammunition, and take as many shots as you like.

Don’t have a long-range rifle? For $20 per shot, you can experience the power of our .50 caliber rifle. Other gun rentals are available upon request.

5-Stand Trap Shooting

Before your hunt, practice your shot with a round of clays.

Our five-stand shooting facility features six clay throwers, each requiring a different type of shot. Some are easy and will build your confidence, others might make you swear. Either way, you and your group will have a blast.

Indoor Archery TechnoHunt

One of the coolest innovations in virtual hunting is our TechnoHunt bow hunting simulator.

To prepare for your TechnoHunt, bring your own bow and arrows. Once you’re in our simulator room, you’ll remove your field tips and replace them with the digitally engineered TechnoHunt blunt tips we provide. Then you’ll select your own virtual hunt. Choose from 700 hunting scenarios, including hunts for deer, elk, buffalo, or chipmunks.

TechnoHunt also has a game mode featuring Tic-Tac-Toe, darts, and a carnival-like balloon pop.

You can enjoy the TechnoHunt at The Grand Lodge in every season, in any weather, at any time of day.

Handgun and AR Range

Whether you’re a guest wanting to sharpen your shot or a business owner looking to schedule team-building experiences, you can pull the trigger on full-auto fun at our handgun range.

Bring your own guns and ammunition to dial in your accuracy on our steel and 3D targets situated at various distances.

Outdoor 3D Archery Range

Bring your own compound bow and walk through our 3D archery range, featuring 15 life-size targets, including an occasional zombie. You’ll walk through our treeline and see targets on your right and left throughout the course. Be on the lookout for deer, elk, and possibly gargoyles.

Personal Shooting Instruction

Our guides have a wide range of experience with firearms.

We can advise you on your stance, grip, and gun placement. Whether you’ve been shooting for years or you’re bringing a first-time hunter, our shooting instructors will ensure you have a safe and successful experience on the range and in the field.