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You might say farming and hunting runs in the Solberg family blood.

Mike Solberg grew up farming, ranching, and hunting in Montana with his dad, Warren, and his grandfather, Chester. In the early 1980s, the Solbergs expanded their farming operation to Highmore, South Dakota.

South Dakota proved to be the perfect place to grow their farm and ranch as well as their family.

After finishing college, Mike returned to the 15,000-acre family farm and ranch with his new bride, Amy.

Over the years, they welcomed five children. Today, all five children and their families live on or near the property. They love the land and make important contributions to the farm, ranch, and lodge. Because The Grand Lodge is family-owned and operated by four generations of Solbergs, their hunting guests started to feel like family too.

As their hunting family grew, the Solbergs began dreaming about building a lodge where their guests could comfortably relax after an exhilarating hunt. They envisioned friends making toasts and playing cards in front of a fireplace, recounting the day’s best shots. The Solberg family wanted to provide an environment where family, friends, and even businesses could make memories on the land they’d enjoyed for decades.

Dreams became a reality when the Solbergs opened The Grand Lodge in 2008. Since then, they’ve welcomed old and new friends to the lodge year after year. And every year, as the wild pheasant population exploded, their hunting guests repeatedly said, “I’ve never seen so many pheasants in my life!”

Though the lodge is open year-round, it’s so much more than a place to stay and hunt. Guests can hone their shooting skills outdoors on the handgun and long-range shooting ranges as well as the 3-D archery range. If the weather gets tricky, guests can enjoy the indoor Technohunt Archery simulator or the game room.

The Solbergs strive to make each guest feel like a member of their extended family. While at The Grand Lodge, you will make memories that will last forever!

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