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Experience the best wild bird hunt of your life on 15,000 acres of family-run ranch land, farm ground, and native prairie grasslands.

Consider yourself warned: You may be a little slow to get your shotgun to your shoulder the first time you see our well-trained dogs flush hundreds of wild pheasants.

We’re committed to your safety and enjoyment of the hunt. Everything you need for a safe and fantastic hunt is provided.


You’ll be guided by an experienced hunter who knows the lay of the land. Our guides have a combined 95 years of experience on this land. We’ve guided more than 1,000 hunts over the past four decades, and we will make your hunt successful, exciting, and memorable.


Our purebred labs are AKC field-champion-bred hunting dogs. We’ve chosen them because of their stellar bloodlines and trained them to quarter, flush, and retrieve.

Watching highly-trained dogs work the field is one of the highlights of the hunt. We use our dogs because we know they’ll work best for you on our land. They know the terrain almost as well as we do. Maybe better.

Our dogs are kenneled in our state-of-the-art Morten building, where they have indoor and outdoor spaces to sleep, play, and run. We prioritize their health, safety, and quality of life.

Adopt a Dog

We love and respect our dogs. They bring skill and fun to the hunt, and they play a critical role in making your experience enjoyable.

Out of respect for the work they do for us, we retire dogs when the time is right.

Upon retirement, our labs are adopted by families and individuals who can give them the love and care they deserve.

If you’d like to be considered as an adoptive family for a retired lab, please ask your guide for details.


We provide 12 and 20-gauge shells for your hunt. Even if you’re sure you’ll only need five shells, we’ve got extras just in case.

When you call to schedule your trip, please let us know if you need special shells. You may also bring your own shells.


We encourage you to bring your own guns. You’re most familiar with your own firearm, and your hunt will be most successful if you’re comfortable with your shotgun. However, we do offer shotgun rentals if you need them.

Bird Cleaning

All birds are professionally cleaned, vacuum-sealed, and packaged overnight. Bring a cooler for safe transport home.

Safe Shooting Instruction

We are firmly committed to your safety and the safety of our guides, dogs, and habitat.

Before each hunt, you will receive verbal, in-person instruction from your experienced guide regarding

  • How and when to load and unload your gun
  • When to use your safety
  • How to properly carry and transport your gun
  • Guidelines for taking the safest shot
  • How to walk the field safely
  • Eye and ear protection

We all depend on your commitment to safety as well.

If you’re feeling rusty on how to use your gun, our guides are happy to give you a refresher. You can never be too familiar with your shotgun, and a safe-handling review is always appropriate.


When you arrive, we will get you and your group all the proper licensing from South Dakota’s department of Game, Fish, and Parks.